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Pruning knife

Art. 199/L ULIVO – 200/L ULIVO – 201/L ULIVO
Art. 199/L ULIVO  –   200/L ULIVO  –   201/L ULIVO
Art. 199/L – 200/L – 201/L
Art. 199/L   –  200/L –    201/L


Professional pruning knife with common high-carbon-content (1%) steel blade, wooden handle or olive wood handle with inner brass lining to eliminate friction during opening and closing of the blade, all fixed with 5 brass rivets that give it robustness. The sharpening is done by hand on each piece to ensure the cutting quality.

Available in 3 sizes:

Art. 199/L or 199/L ULIVO

  • Blade length       cm 6,5
  • Handle length    cm 9,5
  • Total length        cm 16

Art. 200/L or 200/L ULIVO

  • Blade length       cm 7,5
  • Handle length    cm 10,5
  • Total length        cm 18

also available with stainless steel (inox) blade

Art. 201/L or 201/L ULIVO

  • Blade length       cm 8,5
  • Handle length    cm 12
  • Total length        cm 20