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Cutlers for three generations, we offer a full range of pruning and grafting knives.
We are manufacturers of leather scissors good for cutting specific materials such as heavy fabrics, felt, sheaths and synthetic materials of varying thickness, of fabric scissors and manicure clippers; our products include a line of professional kitchen, catering, slaughter and larding knives.

In our products the priority is given to the quality of materials, heat treatments and to the grinding of the blade which is handmade on every single piece, making it a working tool reliable and effective.

We also have many items, accessories and housewares, related to our products to best suit the customer’s requirements.

We have the ability to customize the product upon request, provide spare parts where it is possible to replace, and a sharpening service that we perform in our offices.



Maniago, known in Italy and worldwide for its centuries-old tradition in the field of cutlery, through the ages has adapted and widely developed in the branch of cutting tools.
These passion and tradition have been handed down for generations from father to son until the present day.

In this context originated our company. Since childhood my grandfather, born in 1907, had been working in the workshops in Maniago learning his craft in the manufacture of cutting tools, from tailor’s scissors to pocketknives, clippers, flick knives, just to name a few, at a time when almost all the production was handmade. After the war, my grandfather associated with some friends opening their hand-crafted business.

In 1976 his son Paolo founded the company Coltellerie Pascotto Paolo that initially produced manicure clippers, then it directed towards production on behalf of third party for cutler’s and more. In 1995, Paolo and his son expanded their production of pruning knives, grafting knives and leather scissors with the brand PMP MANIAGO.

In 2008 the company became Pascotto Paolo & Figli s.n.c. developing a trading arm of retail and wholesale, increasing the production of cutting tools for professional use focusing on the quality of the product thanks to the artisans’ experience gained over the years.