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stainless steel scissors, nylon handle

PRODUCTS stainless steel scissors nylon handle Art. F010 Art. F020 Art. F022 – F040 – F060 – F070 Art. F050 OverlaysPreviousNext PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Stainless steel (inox) scissors with nylon handle. Available in different sizes and for different uses. Embroidery scissor 5″ (Art. F010) Sewing scissors 6″ (Art. F020) Dressmaker scissors 7″ (Code F022) Dressmaker scissors 8,5″ with microserration (Code…

Sewing scissors

PRODUCTS Sewing scissors Art. F080 – F090 – F100 – F130 – F140 OverlaysPreviousNext PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sewing scissors, nickel-plated or stainless steel (inox). Available in different sizes. Nichel-plated sewing scissors  5″ (Code F080), 6″ (Code F090), 7″ (Code F100). Stainless steel sewing scissors 6″ (Code F130), 7″ (Code F140)   ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS…

Embroidery scissors

PRODUCTS Embroidery scissors Art. F150 Art. F160 Art. F170 OverlaysPreviousNext PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Embroidery scissor nickel-plated. Available in different sizes. Nichel-plated embroidery scissors  3,5″ (Code F150), 4″ (Code F160). Nickel-plated embroidery scissors with wide rings 4,5″ (Code F170)   ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT?   CONTACT US

Tailor scissors

PRODUCTS Tailor scissors Art. F200 – F210 – F220 Art. F190 OverlaysPreviousNext PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Tailor’s scissor nickel-plated with black painted handle . Available in different sizes: 8″ (Code F200), 9″ (Code F210) 10″ (Code F220). Available also Wiss model, size 7″ (Code F190).   ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT?   CONTACT US

Scissors for industry

PRODUCTS Scissors for industry Art. F240 forbice da industria OverlaysPreviousNext PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Scissors for industry, robust, suitable for cutting various materials (fabrics, leather, cardboard and light plastics), nickel-plated with painted handle. Size 8 “(Code F240). ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT?   CONTACT US

Leather / fish scissors

PRODUCTS Leather / fish scissors Art. F275 – F276 Forbice cuoio/pesce inox OverlaysPreviousNext PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Leather / fish scissors, very sturdy, suitable for cleaning large fish: 8.5″ stainless steel version (Code F275). Also used for cutting leather : nickel-plated version (Code F276). ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT?   CONTACT US

Bonsai scissors

PRODUCTS Bonsai scissors Art. F260 OverlaysPreviousNext PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 7″ Bonsai scissors in common steel with painted handle, effective to cut small twigs accurately. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT?   CONTACT US